10 YouTube Travel Vloggers to Follow in 2021

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Getting stuck in office work or bored from the same daily routine?

YouTube Travel Vloggers helps you to get some escape from the hectic busy schedule..

YouTube travel vloggers provide a captivating view of the world. You can enjoy or explore the giant mountains, the culture of every country, beautiful and famous places of the world, ancient ruins of the world from the comfort of your bed or sofa and get inspired for your upcoming adventure.Whenever I want to get some escape or diversion from a dull week, I watch the travel videos of my favorite YouTube travel vloggers.

Travel vlogs are a unique and perfect way to discover a new perspective on travel. Watching is easy than reading. Sometimes you can find some hilarious and mind-blowing travel-related videos.

There are tons of YouTube Travel Vloggers out there, and I have watched uncountable travel videos before writing this blog of the best travel vloggers. This list is according to my opinion. If you have some more best vloggers in your mind that you watched and get inspiration from them, let me know that in the comment section below.

So, come with me and explore this fantastic world from the fantastic people;

Youtube Travel Vlogger

1: Fearless and Far

This Youtube Travel Vlogger is solo man . He travels the world without any fear, as the name shows Fearless and Far. When you visit his channel, you’ll see the experience of the weird and wonderful destination on his YouTube channel.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • His creative vlogging motivates and encourages people to travel the world without any fear.
  • He always tries to share fascinating topics in a personable way.
  • He always lives in search of the craziest places in the world.


The Owner Name: Mike Corey

YouTube Subscribers: 457K+

2: Drew Binsky

Suppose you like to discover and know about the different cultures across the world. Then must visit his channel. He is on the list of top Youtube Travel vloggers and documentary makers in the USA. As I stated above, he always has a core focus on discovering the civilization and cultures worldwide.


What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • He tries to narrate unique stories about the communities and culture, this thing brings more and more viewers to his channel, and this thing will take to you.
  • You can see the one different thing on his Youtube travel vlogging channel; he spotlights human issues, sociopolitical issues, and religious stereotypes.
  • Through his channel, he inspires other people to visit and travel the world without any fear.


The owner name: Drew Binsky

YouTube Subscribers: 2.52M+

3: Hey Nadine

A solo female traveler who brings positive energy to her vlogging videos. She is Canadian, and she has ten years’ experience of traveling. This thing makes her a veteran in the field of traveling.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • She is a fountain of knowledge. If you want to know about the travel tips, tricks, and hacks, you can visit her channel.
  • She built his guide of what to do and what to do not after traveling the 55 countries.
  • Her channel is a blend of comedy, food, hacks, fashion, and destinations. Her energy is admirable, and the way of narrating everything from every aspect. This thing will motivate you to travel the world. I can say that her channel is an excellent source for aspiring young adventurers.
  • Her videos will always give you an escape from any depression you are suffering from.


The owner name: Nadine Sykora

YouTube Subscribers: 493k+

Fun for Louis

4: Fun for Louis

Non – Stop entertaining, exciting, engaging, and creative content of this English man will give you the joy related to adventure. He knows each expects of camerawork, and his cinematic and unique filmography will inspire you to explore the world.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • You’ll get the daily basis creative vlogs, so there is a lot of content for making your spare time worthy.
  • He devoted his life to traveling the world, and you guys have to take advantage of this old traveling soul.


The Owner Name: Louis Cole

YouTube Subscribers: 1.99M+

Psycho Traveler

5: Psycho Traveler

The name is very different and unique, Psycho Traveler. One of the main reasons I am adding this adventure vlog due to its name. The owner behind this channel is a Psychology graduate.

Things that make this channel unique:

  • She did not talk just about the food, culture, and landscape that others vloggers do.
  • She steps out of the box and aims to inspire everyone of all ages to live the life they want to live.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • She always tries to share her experience with folks that she gained in traveling around the world.
  • She inspires people with tips and tricks. As I talk before, she steps out of the box; she makes videos on the best books to read related to traveling, building a route, and fun challenges.
  • I can say that she genuinely captures every angle of the travel scene.
  • She is a best-selling author as well; she has a book “Where is She? Travel to Trauma. Where she explains her travel life.


The Owner Name: Alyshia Ford

YouTube Subscribers: 208K+

Kara and Nate

6: Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are husband and wife; they were become the sweetheart since high school and then tied in the knot of marriage. Both of them have spent five years of their lives in traveling. 100 countries were decided to travel along each other which they almost achieved.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • The thing that attracts everyone is production or high-quality videography and high-quality audio. They have a foundation of knowledge and always try to make excellent and high-quality content.
  • You guys will get everything from destination secrets to dealing with getting a stick on the track.
  • Kara and Nate embark on all types of adventures. You’ll also get several tips and tricks about travel hacking and entrepreneurship on their website.


The Owner Name: Kara and Nate

YouTube Subscribers: 2.26M+


The Bucket List Family

7: The Bucket List Family

This family inspired me to travel in the future with my family. When you get married, everything is rearranged in your life. You have to do this, and this not for your family. You have to buy pampers for your baby or babies. The average family does these stereotypes of things; you settled in a lovely home, settled with kids, working a job to meet your expenses. Average families do these things, but the Bucket list family changed the perspective and decided to hit every road in the world that will give them joy, won’t stay in one place for good.


What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • In 2015, the Gee family took steps to sold everything for the sake of traveling. Now they are exploring the globe with their three children and are having a blast.
  • They documented many adventures for now.
  • Through the family traveling, they proved it nothing is impossible. If you can think, then you can do it.
  • After watching their traveling vlogs, the one question hit the mind “SETTLING DOWN IS THE BEST WAY TO APPROACH FAMILY LIFE?


The Owner Name: Gee Family

YouTube Subscribers: 1.3M+


Sailing La Vagabonde, Youtube Travel Vlogger

8: Sailing La Vagabonde

If you are a fan of voyage or sailing traveling, then visit this channel. This couple is among top Australian YouTube travel vloggers who wants to see the world through the globe’s oceans; even they had no selling experience. They upload the new videos every Monday, where you’ll get helpful information about the sailing.


What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • After completing the 50,000 nm, they gained a lot of experience that they share with other aspiring sailors.
  • They also inspire others to live an alternative lifestyle. They also talk about ocean awareness.
  • The popular vlogs swimming with tiger sharks and staying on a deserted island have influenced many to take the water route.


The Owner Name: Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu  

YouTube Subscribers: 1.58M+

Eva Zu Beck Youtube travel vLogger

9: Eva Zu Beck

Another solo female traveler and explorer. You’ll find the content related to thriving and most visited places like France, Italy, Turkey, Europe, and Australia on other vlogger’s channels. Whether Eva put something new in the traveling plate after traveling the 60 countries. She created content related to the world’s less-visited places.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • She visited Pakistan, Syria, and Yamen in the past months, where she discovered the most beautiful hikes, islands filled with natural beauty, and delicious food along the way.
  • This female traveller spent almost 10 months in Pakistan and explored the culture from every aspect. She also had an experience of a K2 base camp in Pakistan.
  • Eva Zu Beck is a fantastic storyteller and tells the stories of those folks, cultures, and communities that you don’t know about in common.
  •  I can say that she is a genuinely solo female inspiring traveler.She pushes the folks to leave their comfort zones and explore the world.


The Owner Name: Eva Zu Beck

YouTube Subscribers: 1.01M+

Hopscotch the Globe

10: Hopscotch the Globe

You’ll find the pretty damn funny videos on this channel. They explained the standard topics creatively or funnily. They always come with interesting ideas for content and present in an engaging and creative way.

What things motivate you to travel the world after visiting this channel?

Get this;

  • You’ll find yourself in a gold mine when you visit this channel. You’ll get the topics of how to travel the globe with a minimalist mindset.
  • Though the sweet couple runs the channel, they aim to inspire couples and families to travel the world.
  • They share travel tips, destination hacks, and how to live in a tiny home. Like I said before, they always try to engage and grab their viewers through fun and entertainment.


Final Thoughts

Traveling reduces your depression level and anxiety, so don’t think a lot. Just pack your bag and hit the steep and smooth ways. The people I mentioned above are according to my taste. Through the information of these YouTube travel vloggers, , I left the things behind and decided to hit the ways.

Ways that will give me joy, ways that will never end, ways that will bring me into heaven.

See you in the next blog!


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