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Tromso, Norway lights

I heard a lot about this fantastic and majestic place Tromso. So, I decided to explore the destinations of Tromso where your every penny is worth. I decided to visit this place of wonders in winter because people used to say you have to see the Northern Lights.

Folks travel to Tromso for seeing the Northern Lights, but there are many more best things to do; I learned this after visiting the Tromso. You’ll experience many unique adventurous activities; probably, you won’t find them anywhere in the world.

I can say that Tromso is a place that takes my heart. You can see the Northern Lights in just winter because in winter there is a long polar night. In summer, the sun never sets in Tromso.
Most people like to travel and discover Tromso in winter and go home with an unforgettable memory.

In this article, you’ll learn about the things to do in Tromso, Norway, in winter. I’ll share the information about the accommodations of Tromso and top tips to visit Tromso that I learned during my visit.

Trosmo Norway

Let’s walk in the most incredible winter destination…


Where to Stay in Tromso

As I mentioned before, Tromso is a small town, so if you choose one of the most centrally located hotels, you don’t need to get a car for rent. You can walk and see all the attractions in the city.
There are three options; it depends on what you want to choose;

Luxury Accommodations in Tromso

  •  If you have a high budget and look for luxury accommodation, look at Camp North Tromso.

Mid – Range Accommodation in Tromso

  • Clarion Hotel the Edge: It’s a 4-star property in Tromso with 1600+ reviews and an 8.9 score – $160.
  • Bjorn and Bibbi’s: It’s an apartment close to the centre of the town. 9.7 review score and 90+ reviews – $200

Budget Accommodations in Tromso

This is for those who are full-time travellers like me.

  • Quality Hotel Saga – Best hotel with best price and quality ratio on a somewhat lower budget. 8.5 review score and with 3000+ reviews – $100.
  • Smart Hotel Tromso – Popular hotel with best budget accommodation with 8.2 reviews score out of almost 4000 reviews – $100.
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromso – Simple but nice hotel with more than 2500+ reviews and an 8.7 score -$100.


Where to Eat in Tromso

Don’t worry about eating in this Town. There are a lot of good eating places in Tromso.
Here you can find some restaurants recommendations I received from the locals, and they try;

  •  For Coffee Lovers: Kaffebonna – Smortorget – Riso
  • For Foodies, check these restaurants: Emma’s Dream Kitchen – Art Café – Hildr Gastro Bar – Mathallen – Bardus Bistro – Arctandria Seafood Restaurant


Things to do in Tromso Norway in Winter

1: Northern Lights and Amazing things to know about the Northern Lights

Most folks visit this place only to see the Northern Lights, I was one of them, but after that, I realised there are many more things to explore in this incredible Tromso city. Well, for now, in this section, I need to tell you about the Northern Lights. I kept these on top because that was heart capturing.

There are some more places in the world where you can see the auroras, like Iceland. But according to my personal opinion, you can see the auroras clearly in Tromso. If you want to see the auroras, then visit this place in winters. One more thing, I would like to mention here, you need several factors to see the Northern Lights like dark, clear skies. You can’t see the auroras from the town; you have to get outside the town and away from the light pollution.

Norway lights

A breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains under the mesmerizing sky with an Aurora

Unique things to know about the Northern Lights;
Get this;

  •  It’s like gambling. Some folks can see the auroras in their first place, whether some not. I visited Tromso for six days, and the last night I saw the auroras clearly in the sky.
  •  If you are a dying hard fan of natural colours and beauty, book the Northern Light tour every night. This activity will increase your chances to see the auroras. It sounds crazy, but every tourist does this kind of craziness.
  • As I told you before, you can’t see the Northern Lights from the polluted town or your hotel room. You have to get outside from the town for heart and eye-catching sceneries.
  •  You can talk with locals, instruct you, and give you an excellent tip about the best spots to see the Northern Lights.

Note: If your specific goal is to see the Northern Lights, you have to stay seven days and get the 7 – day unlimited aurora chases up the pass with Northern Shots.


2: Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding was one of the spectacular experience of my life. I can say that if you have time for just one activity in Tromso, make it Dog Sledding. You’ll never forget this thrilling ride experience for a lifetime.

When you meet the huskies the first time, you’ll be amazed at how much the dogs enjoy running and how enthusiastic the dogs are. You have two options, self-drive and guided dog–sledding.

I can suggest that you definitely ought to try a self – driving if you are mildly fit. It’s a trip of a lifetime. It is one of my favourite winter activities to do in Tromso.

sledding dogs

husky race on alpine mountain in winter

On the other hand, if you are not fit physically for self–driving, then go for guided dog–sledding. (guided means someone else controls the dog, and you sit back and enjoy)

I heard some folks used to say; self – driving is a challenge. I accepted this challenge and took the self–ride; I found it extremely enjoyable and easy. As I said before, the dogs were well trained, and in my case, the dogs were so happy to run.

From where you can go for dog–sledding?
Get this;

  •  There are many places where you can go dog–sledding near Tromso. I choose Tromso Villmarkssenter. I enjoyed every minute in this town because the drive from town was so scenic. The dogs and guide were super friendly and had a good sense of humor. I highly recommend this spectacular location.
  •  You can take self–drive dog sledding or guided dog – sledding. For kids under 16, they can enjoy the guided–dog sledding, with only one option available for them.

Tip: If you want to make your tour memorize, book a self–drive dog – sledding tour.


3: Reindeer Sledding

Everything was best and unique in Tromso. So, we can’t deny the authentic experience at a Sami camp. You’ll know about the culture of Sami, have lunch with them. Sami folks are indigenous people who herded reindeer for centuries.

Sami folks make some money during the harsher winter by bringing their reindeer down from the north to reindeer farms outside of Tromso. It is hard to find food naturally for reindeer in winter, so these farms provide Sami folks a good income from tourism during winter.

Okay, let’s join the Sami folks for this unforgettable and unique winter activity. It’s a family-friendly experience. The sleds don’t move fast, and you can please your soul with the scenery of nature.

Reindeer Sledding

After the ride, the Sami people graciously invite you into their homes. For me, that was indeed a magical experience. The Sami people offer you a delicious meal of reindeer stew around the campfire

Honestly, this was also one of the best things I did in Tromso. Reindeer sledding in the winter, a unique experience I ever had.
How can you take this majestic ride?
Get this;

  •  Several options when it comes to reindeer sledding. You can take a ride during the day or in the evening. I took the ride in the evening, but I’ll take the ride in the daytime if I come again.
  •  Some rides are shorter; even some are longer. You can take the ride without booking the ride. So, I’ll suggest you do your research and find a tour that meets your dream.


4: Best View of Tromso – Fjellheisen Cable Car

If you want to see Tromso’s best view, take a ride of Fjellheisen cable car. It’s a must to do thing in Tromso. I’ll suggest going up there in the afternoon, which means you’ll see Tromso from up there by day and night.

Fjellheisen cable car is a famous tourist destination. You’ll see the panoramic views over the city surrounded by mountains, Islands, and Fjords are simply phenomenal.

Fjellheisen Cable Car

The local folk told me; it is an ideal place in summer to see the Midnight sun. In winter, if you are lucky, you can spot the northern lights. The views were incredible when I got there; instead, I have to say I had a fantastic day.
Get this Tip;

  •  If you have some spare time instead of your schedule, then I’ll suggest going for a short hike in the direction of Mt Floya. There is another spectacular viewpoint, a bit higher from where you can spot the heart taking views. It’s not an easy walk; wear warm winter boots (crampons and hiking poles) to hike up to Mountain Floya.
  • Try to visit Fjellheisen in excellent and clean weather; otherwise, you may not see a lot.
  • One more thing, the cable care tickets are sold 5 minutes before the car dispatches the lower station.


5: Tromso Museums and Other Attractions

I had just six days trip to Tromso, and that six days were packed, so I had just a little time to visit few places in town. Tromso is a small town but packed with an extensive variety of impressive museums and attractions.

Attractions of Tromso:

  • Tromso Harbor – It’s a beautiful waterfall area in Tromso must visit it.
  •  Storgata – This place is mainly for girls; it’s a main shopping street and girls don’t miss that. I had my girlfriend with me when I was on the trip, and she empties my pockets when she entered this sopping street. The first bad thing that happened during my visit to Tromso ☹.

Museums of Tromso:

  •  Arctic Cathedral – Without any doubt, the most popular and spectacular tourist attraction in Tromso, Norway. It’s a parish church; actually, that’s why it is known as a cathedral. It’s become one of the most recognizable and iconic buildings in the city. One of the most to–do things in Tromso, without a doubt. Sometimes, they have concerts there, so if you are in town, don’t miss it. I recommended highly visiting it so you can explore the beauty of this museums closely.

Arctic Cathedral

  • Polar Museums – According to the trip advisor, this is on the list of top 10 museums in Norway. When you visit Polar Museums, you’ll learn about the polar expeditions. Must visit this museum which is located in the former Customs House.
  •  Tromso Public Library – Golden piece of architecture that’s not only iconic but remarkable and located right in the middle of the city. It’s a symbol of modern architecture that you can’t miss in the city. I took a short visit to this place but had a worthy visit. It’s a beautiful place to warm up yourself on a cold winter day.


Top Tips for Visiting Tromso in Winter

  •  If you plan to travel to this spectacular place, book your Trip (hotels, tours) in advance.
  •  You can rent a car in Tromso, keep in mind you the roads are covered in ice. But I think there is no need to take a car because all the tour companies provide pick and drop facilities in the city centre. So, the car is not essential. Instead, you want to explore the town individually, then go ahead.
  • Save money on food, make sure to book accommodations with a kitchenette to cook and prepare your meals.
  •  The one good thing you don’t need to buy mineral water; Norwegian tap water is drinkable and sometimes better than mineral water.
  • Norway currency is “kroner”, abbreviated NOK. Debit and credit card are accepted at some places, so you don’t need to carry cash.

Top Tip: If you want to see the Northern Lights, visit Tromso in September through mid – April. For Whales and Polar nights, visit Tromso from November to January. For daylight, winter activities, visit Tromso in February or March.

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Final Thoughts…

Time to say goodbye to this beautiful, spectacular and fantastic wonderland. I spent six days discovering the best that Tromso has to offer, and every minute in this town was packed with activities. If you want to explore most things in this great town, I’ll recommend spending at least 5 to 6 days as I did. It’ll be a much more enjoyable and relaxing trip.

Don’t overthink, get up, pack your stuff, hit the steep and smooth ways. Overthinking is injurious to health.
Thank you for being with me!


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