Budget Friendly Places for Travelers to Enjoy New Year

by Farah Naaz

Wise are those who tend to find their favorite place under a minimum budget, Right? New Year is the most celebrated event in the world. For travel buffs, the beginning of the New Year is just the beginning of another journey toward new experiences and adventures. Most of the bag packers including me prefer to save money during their trips. They want to cover more and more new things under a decent budget. Here are some of the incredibly affordable and budget friendly places to celebrate this New Year.


This is the most welcoming place for tourists. The native people are so genuinely polite. The welcoming people and interesting historical sites are the reason behind the popularity of this increasing tourist destination. This place possesses natural and beautiful springs and lakes. If you are a beachgoer, then you should visit and explore this small corner of the Mediterranean. The place has to-die-for calmness and peace.

How New Year is celebrated in Albania?

The New Year’s celebrations are a part of a special tradition in Albania. For other European countries, the real meaning of the celebration is the Christmas tree but in Albania, it is New Year’s tree. So if you want to actually experience the New Year vibes, Albania is the best choice.

This small country is surprisingly budget friendly for you if you are a low budget traveler.

budget friendly,Albania Malaysia

This liveliest country is full of diversity. In this pleasing country, you can witness the magical sights of beaches, lush green jungles, and colonial architecture. The natural views and stunning modern wonders make Malaysia a thriving and breathtaking destination. This is a great for Me time place for you if you want some recreation.

What is beautiful about Malaysia?

The special thing is that it is a budget friendly place for family tours. Even though it is good for honeymoons and also for solo travelers. To celebrate Happy New Year, Malaysia is the least expensive destination for bag packers. The flamboyant fireworks cover the whole sky when New Year’s Eve is celebrated. In Malaysia, New Year comes with full thrill, excitement and with great gusto. The mesmerizing scenery,  hotels and delicious food are the best things about Malaysia.budget friendly, Malaysia

Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is a jaw dropping place with unique quirks and rich history. Located in Central Florida, this place is a sunny and magical community. It is currently one of the top destinations for travelers from around the whole world. There are beautiful white and sandy beaches to explore here. This place offers so many fun and adventurous activities for adventure lovers.

New Year’s celebrations cover the whole destination with lights and ornaments. As a matter of fact, It is the best opportunity to make some lifetime memories with new experiences. It is also a famous tourist spot because you can spend a grand quality time with your family. This budget friendly place possesses a lot of fun to offer you.

budget friendly Daytona Beach, FloridaArizona

Arizona is a beautiful place with multi-colored rocks. Moreover, they are surrounded by glimmering waterfalls,  and snow capped mountains. There are ample opportunities for white water rafting, mountain biking, camping, trail running and swimming for adventurous travelers. Several music festivals and gala parties are arranged for the celebration of the New Year in Arizona. Some restaurants also offer New Year-themed fun activities for tourists.

If you are tight on budget and don’t want to put pressure on your credit card. You still can enjoy the New Year vacations at this place. It is also affordable, budget friendly and cheap for travelers.

for travelers, Arizona BilcliffOklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the most jaw-dropping and liveliest states in the world. Moreover, this place is a blessing for nature lovers. If you are a traveler and you have not seen the mesmerizing beauty of this country yet, you are really missing an important part of your travel diary. Imagine yourself sitting among the long beautiful trees, calm sky and no harsh sounds. This is the best thing you can experience in your life. If you visit this budget friendly place once in a lifetime.

What you can explore in Oklahoma?

This place is a complete package of natural beauty including roaring rivers lush forests, picturesque prairies and low-laying mountain ranges. The visitors can also enjoy boating, swimming and fishing paired with a charming sunset. Oklahoma is the perfect destination for the celebration of New Year’s Eve.  In fact, You can get delicious food, comfortable transportation and good accommodation with a few bucks per day.Oklahoma City in new year


Pakistan is currently a safe and secure country for outdoor travelers. This is a land of splendor and beauty with its magical sights, high ranging mountains, remarkable landscapes, deserts and amazing plains. In addition to the natural beauty the lush green valleys, beautiful lakes, mighty rivers and amazing wildlife is famous all around the world. This God-gifted country offers you mouth-opening sights and budget friendly traveling experience.

Why Pakistan is a must visit the country?

The rich cultural and traditional experiences topped with fascinating scenarios enhance the beauty of this destination. Moreover, the Pakistani people are very hospitable and welcoming to foreign tourists. Transport, food, accommodation and plenty of awesome activities all can be covered under a low budget in this beautiful country.

Pakistan beauty

Denmark, Scandinavia

If you are planning a wonderful holiday for the New Years’ celebrations, Denmark is the most incredible country for you to explore. Denmark is known as the happiest state in the world because of its work life balance. This small, clean and green country have beautiful and wonderful highlights of interesting natural beauty. Basically, it is a unique mixture of modern advancement and cultural beauty. The new landmarks, the marvelous eye catchy buildings and the cozy areas get the tourists attention from all over the world.

Why Denmark is an ideal destination?

Denmark is not as expensive as one might think. It is just you have not personally experienced that how easy and affordable it is to get around this magical place. As I said before that it is the happiest place, and the cherry on the top is that it is equally budget friendly.

Denmark beautiful place Portugal

The weather in Portugal is interesting, sunny and active for outdoor lovers. Additionally, this country is rich in lush and serene beauty. The travelers enjoy a vibrant treat for the eyes with its breathtaking and jaw dropping scenery. There are various landscapes, and gorgeous small towns combined with the majestic view of the warm sun.

What makes Portugal famous?

The country is also famous for its historical cities, Mediterranean feel, delicious food and strong cultural identity. Portugal is an inexpensive yet dreamy destination for travelers who want to explore the unique and rare beauty of the world. So get ready to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at this dazzling place.

Beauty of PortugalColumbus, Georgia

There are thousands of things to do in this expanding city. Therefore it is one of the most visited places by outdoor lovers. The city is full of plenty of things, hundreds of outdoor activities, great restaurants and awesome museums.

In terms of panoramic and picturesque views, the beauty of this city is unbeatable. The destination is rich with a unique history and exceptional cultural values. The attractive industrial architecture paired with old fashioned effects of the traditions makes Columbus more appealing. it is also desirable for sightseers. New Year’s Eve is celebrated on a great scale in Columbus.

Columbus is incredibly budget friendly. Moreover,  it is a cheap place for travel buffs according to research released in FORBES. So you can plan your trip to this place without any hesitation.

Beauty of Columbus Myanmar

If you are a beach person and love Buddha, then Myanmar is a must visit destination for you. This country is full of serenity. It also has white beaches and Buddhist temples. Myanmar is an unbelievably fascinating destination for travel buffs. The places to explore here are tangled jungles, and the wide Irrawaddy River. Moreover, lush lowlands, rugged highlands and misty mountains. This good looking country is enchanted with God-gifted beauty.

If you are a little strapped for cash but want to explore a new country. Myanmar is the least expensive and budget friendly place for you.

MyanmarFinal thoughts

Traveling in these countries on a low budget is oh-so-easy. So if you are a savvy traveler, you don’t have to put so much pressure on your wallet. If one of these low budget countries is in your travel diary. So start packing your luggage without any further thought because New Year is coming with all its celebrations, excitement, thrills and blessings. Make this New Year celebration an unforgettable memory to add to your traveling history.



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