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Christmas traveling

Isn’t it amazing for travelers to know that they can enjoy Christmas at a very affordable place?. Cheap destinations at Christmas are something that travelers are looking for to make their Christmas enjoyable and memorable.

No need to worry if you are tight on budget. A travel buff always wants to experience some new views and sights to add to his travel diary. Well, without further ado, here are the 10 most budget friendly and cheap destinations. These destinations will surely blow your mind. Christmas celebrations at these places will spice the things up. It will add some unforgettable memories and moments to your life.

Mexico as a cheap destination at Christmas:

Mexico is an incredibly inexpensive for budget travelers. The street food is generally cheap and most of the places are super affordable. You can enjoy serene shores and thrilling and adventurous water sports.

When it comes to exploring some new places in Mexico, the list is endless. There are many exciting and scenic views. The views including Diego Rivera Murals, Chapultepec Park, museums, wonderful restaurants and many more. This city is full of surprises and is rich with diverse culinary options.

Mexico is among surprisingly cheap destinations for sight seers. You can spend a day with a few bucks in your pocket. Though you will not get high quality service for few bucks. But who cares if you want to enjoy on less budget?.

MexicoTokyo, Japan

If you are looking for ideal and cheap destinations at Christmas to actually celebrate the grand Christmas celebrations. Then Tokyo is an incredible choice. The whole city is decorated with lights and Ornaments at the Christmas festive.

What you can explore in Tokyo?

This city is a fascinating mixture of end less shopping malls, historical shrines and temples. It is a kid-friendly place if you are planning to visit with your family. Do o’t ever believe in the mythical statement that Tokyo is an expensive place. If you spend your money carefully and wisely, your budget can cover this iconic destination. This cheap destination has a lot of tourist spots to visit and explore.

TokyoBeijing, China

There are hundreds of cool spots in Beijing that you can visit at a very low budget. During Christmas and new year celebrations, almost all the hotels and restaurants offer a special discount here.

Why Beijing is the best place to Get around?

You can get some unique gifts for your friends and family. The gifts like wall hangings, silk scarves, Chinese calligraphy, porcelain and wood carvings. Some five star hotels also arrange gala parties for celebrations. You can enjoy big dinners, high level performances and exciting lucky draws. Beijing play house also offers some Christmas themed plays for tourists every year. Beijing is a cheap destination at Christmas for tight budget travelers. There is a variety of amazing street food, public tourist spots and beautiful areas all packaged into one. China, Beijing


During the months from November to March, flying into Germany is shockingly cheap. So this is the best time to plan your Christmas or new year vacations accordingly. If you are on a tight budget, this country offers a lot to travelers. The never ending list includes museums, theaters, fun activities, mountains and rivers. There are also calming land scapes, rich culture and forests.

Why Germany is an attractive place?

This place is famous among tourists from all over the world for its attractive and calming beauty. The land scapes are staggeringly pretty and bewitching. There are so many travel opportunities for explorers to witness the charm and breath taking aesthetic views. Germany is among must visit cheap destinations for Christmas celebrations. You will always remember every bit of its beauty if you visit this place.



If you are a low-budget traveler then you have to do your homework before visiting this mesmerizing place. Search and plan everything because it is a surprisingly cheap place for you. The red sea in Egypt is a popular tourist place because most international travelers enjoy their Christmas celebrations here. This is the most beautiful and magical time of the year in Egypt

What is unique about Egypt?

The roads, malls and streets become bright with trees, lights, ornaments and garlands at this time. Don’t forget to visit Hurghada also as the decorative sights bless your eyes with their beauty. You can also enjoy the views of popular pyramids and temples. These plaves show their historical and cultural values.Egypt


If you are feeling to go to a place with balmy temperatures for a low budget Christmas holiday. Then Thailand is your ideal place to go. Thailand is not so pricey destination for tourists except for some spots. You can feel the vibes with the Christmas music every where. All the staffs in malls and hotels wear Santa hats and Christmas themed fun activities make the evening more exciting.

What you can explore in Thailand?

You can explore most of the island temples, beach parties, delicious street foods and numerous fabulous places. Thailand also attracts visitors because of its picturesque sights, colorful history and tranquil beaches.

Other interesting things are archaeological sites, cultural traditions, magnificent temples and exotic cuisine. If we talk about budget, Thailand is not so expensive to visit. If you spend wisely, Thailand turns into a cheap destination at Christmas for you. Thailand


South East Asia is popular for its tourist attractions. Malaysia is one of the top destinations for Rovers to visit because it is more inexpensive than other countries. You might have heard somewhere that Malaysia is a high budget place but this is not the actual case. If you compare your whole budget plan, you will understand the difference in prices.

What does Malaysia offer tourists?

This country is unique in its diversity. Travellers can explore modern cities, lively beaches, colonial architecture, and thriving and exciting views. Besides this, you can enjoy its rain forests, magnificent landscapes, continental food, cultural festivals and exotic islands. At Christmas, the colorful display of lights and ornaments in shopping malls and restaurants makes the view more beautiful and panoramic.Malaysia


You can enjoy a thrilling visit to Cambodia at very reasonable prices. The place offers surprisingly affordable accommodation and food for bag packers. So this is the best destination to spend Christmas vacations if you are on a tight budget.

Why Cambodia is so wonderful?

Cambodia is an ideal destination for travel buffs. For those who want to experience an insight into relaxing beaches, lush national parks, mysterious temples, landscapes full of nature and many more. The most unique places to visit in Cambodia are Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor Wat and Koh Rong Samloem. There are also Bayon Temple, Street in central Siem Reap, krong Kracheh and Kampot River and there is much more on the list. Cambodia is one of the cheap destinations at Christmas for explorers and adventurers. Cambodia


If you are a little strapped for cash but still want to visit a place for a Christmas vacation, then Morocco is the answer. If you are striving for extra thrills then Morocco offers its adventurous visitors a lot of fun things to do.

This country has a mixture of cultural and traditional influences from Berber, Arab and French. The peaceful and calming seaside towns like Tangier, the Atlantic coast, Essaouira and Casablanca add more to the beauty of this incredible country.

Why Morocco is attractive to travellers?

This destination has the dazzling beauty of ancient cities, deserts, beaches, mountains and many other intriguing places. Although there are fewer spots for Christmas celebrations this can not lessen the attractive and appealing beauty of the country. Morocco offers you cheap food options and accommodation compared to other tourist spots. Morocco in Christmas


When it comes to exploring inexpensive places, Turkey is so underrated. Because it is a genuinely affordable destination for nature lovers. Turkey is the cheapest European tourist destination. Here you can admire the ancient city of Ephesus, and witness the architectural splendor of Istanbul. You can feel the luxurious Turkish bath, shop in never ending malls and feast on fish and meze. You can also explore Cappadocia from above and below.

There is some thing refreshing in the air of this country that you can not ignore. Once you visit this place, it leaves a hangover in your mind.

How Christmas is celebrated in Turkey

The Christians go to their local churches for Christmas services. You can enjoy the celebrations in big cities like Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul. The roads and shopping malls in these cities are beautifully ornamented. Turkish people call Santa Claus with the name “Noel Baba”. Isn’t this beautiful?. This word means the person who brings gifts and blessings with him.

TurkeyFinal Thoughts

So what are you waiting for?. Grab your jackets and start a wonderful journey towards affordable yet exciting destinations. Take a step ahead and start the adventure of a thousand miles. I am sure these speechless destinations will turn you into a story teller. So. pack your bags. A beautiful and amazing journey is waiting for you.


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