How Sarong is Useful for Travel and its Benefits

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sarong for travel

Sarong is an essential and incredible item to pack for any adventure. Whenever I plan my trips, I painstakingly pack light and multi-functional things, and Sarong has a top place in my easy-to-carry items. It doesn’t matter where I am traveling, hot countries or cold. I always carry one scarf with me.

It is a rectangular piece of cloth, usually found in several colors’ prints. It has different names in different countries or regions, for instance, scarf, pareos, lava–lava, sulu, kikoy, and canga.

In my today’s blog, I’ll share some essential tips and usage of Sarong. It’s suitable for hikers, backpackers, and campers. You can wear this from day to night effortlessly. Sarongs are small and quick to dry.

How can you wear a Sarong?

So, we are talking about the Sarong, and the question raised here how we can use it?

So here are some methods to wearing the Sarong:

  • You can wear it as a dress. Wrap it around your chest, passing it from back to the front and entirely under your arms.
  • You can wear it as a skirt. It’s easy; you will tie it around your waist, depending on how much you want to fold the fabric. It can be a long or short skirt. Tie it at your hip to get this lock and knot in the front.


Now, here are some more uses of sarong that I described in detail:


1: Use it as a Beach or Bath Towel

I made a mistake, I was on my trip, and I carried a towel. But I faced many problems with a towel because when the towel got wet, that did not get quickly dry and covered a lot of space in my luggage bag. That was a mess. So, one of my friends suggested Sarong.

The benefits of carrying Sarong as a Beach or Bath Towel

  • Lightweight and easy to pack and carry.
  • Dries quickly when it’s wet.
  • if you are at any hot place, then it will protect you from the hot sun

2: Use it as a head Scarf

At some places, you have to take scarf as like mosques, churches or temples. You can’t enter these types of places without covering your head correctly. In some country’s ladies must have their scarves, use your Sarong as a scarf.

Sarong as a Scarf

The benefits of getting Sarong as a Scarf

  • It can be helpful on rainy days or nights to keep you warm. You can cover your ears if it rains.

3: Use it as a Blanket or Picnic Rug

Put a couple of Sarongs on your picnic spot, and you can enjoy the picnic. I also used it many times when I traveled in air condition busses or airplanes.

The benefits of using Sarong as a Blanket or Picnic Rug

  • You can clean it instantly, fold it up, and put it in your bag after using it as a picnic rug.
  • As I mentioned above, you can use it as a Blanket, in public transport bus, plane, airports, train stations, etc. You can cover yourself with its large and light fabric and sleep in peace.


4: Use it as a Bedsheets

Maybe you’ll find some wrong place to spend a night. However, some hotels are good in their services. But I always used my Sarong in sleeping situations, whether the bed is clean or not, because I have my own precautions.

The benefits of Sarong using it as a Bed Sheet

  • If you have two pieces of cloths, use one at the bottom and one on top.


5: Use it as a Pillow

You are traveling by plane, bus, or getting in your hotel room, this piece of cloth will save you a stiff neck.

The benefits of Sarong using it as a Pillow

  • You can easily be rolled up as comfy pillows, and you can make it extra comfy after adding some clothes.


6: The General Uses of Sarong

Last but not least, we can use sarong in many ways. There are many uses of it, so I decided to put all the uses in one plate. I already wrote some necessary usage of it; now I am going to talk about the primary uses of sarong.

The benefits of General use

  • You can use it as a purse or handbag. Tie the corners of the sarong and use it as a handbag for shopping.
  • You can use it as a beautiful curtain. For instance, if you stay in shared rooms, hang your sarong in the middle of the room and enjoy the privacy.
  • You can use it as a shawl. In some places, the temperature drops in the evening; there, you can use your sarong as a shawl.
  • You can use it to get protection from mosquitoes. Wrap your sarong around your neck and shoulder to keep bugs away.
  • You can use it in any emergency. For example, you got some tough times during traveling; it can be used as a bandage, tourniquet, sling, or tie properly around the wound until you can get medical attention.
  • If you would like to please someone with something different, then sarong makes excellent gifts for your family member. I purchased dozens of sarongs for my family and friends when I was quieting my trip and heading to sweet home.


Final Thoughts:

The question raised here, what would be the best sarong for travel?

Well, it depends on your taste, but I’ll recommend the full-size sarong because that covers your whole body adequately, and you can use that in several ways that I mentioned above. While, on the other hand, the short sarong covers a small part of your body. The short sarong works like a mini skirt.

Thank you for being with me.


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