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Balochistan: I visited almost every famous Punjab city, Pakistan, so I decided to visit another province and explore the mesmerizing and most exotic places. I want to see the beauty of the giant mountain and listen to the Balochi mountains’ quietness. These things are food for the soul; for every traveler, there are many things to do in Balochistan.

This land is packed with mysteries. If you are planning to visit this beautiful province of Pakistan, try to explore the places discussed in this blog. I bet to you, when you visit these places that I am going to discuss below, you’ll feel you are in heaven.

So, let’s walk together in heaven;


First Destination; Moola Chotok

Balochistan is almost loaded with dry hills and desert areas; many places are examples of its beauty, and Moola Chotok is one of them. There are a lot of wonderful and beautiful waterfalls in Moola Chotok; that’s why folks named this Moola Chotok, Moola waterfalls.

Moola Chotok Balochistan

Moola Chotok is 65 km away from northeast Khuzdar City. Although there are many ways to get in Moola Chotok, two ways are essential than others and pass through Khuzdar City.

The first one, Jhul Magsi Road, you’ll easily travel 20km, because it’s paved and in good condition, while on the other hand, the journey of 40km is difficult.

The second way to get to Moola Chotok is Khuzdar Sukkur Road, you’ll easily travel about 10km, and after that, the rocky and steep way will begin. You can travel only on four – by – four vehicles.


What I explore after getting in this place;

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  • Waterfall; these are the main features of this place. These waterfalls are beautiful scenery of nature.
  • I was so tired when I reached; all I wanted was to get some rest but after seeing this art of nature i just forgot my tiredness and found myself in the middle of waterfalls. You’ll feel this thing; when the big drops of water will touch your head and body, it felt like no painful journey had taken place.
  • The waterfalls area is not just beautiful; the word beautiful is not enough to describe these waterfalls’ attractions. Just close your eyes, forget the other sounds and listen to the music of water.


Second Destination; Hingol National Park

This place is mesmerizing and most exotic, and you’ll feel the beauty of nature. Karachi’s people must visit this place whenever they like to visit places in Balochistan for a day trip. This is one of the largest parks in Pakistan, which covers almost thousands of acres.

Hingol National park Balochistan

What things are essentials to explore in the Park:

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  • Mud volcanoes, rugged rock formations, and a place are teeming with wildlife, increasing the park’s beauty. I can say with surety; you people will miss this place.
  • The park is complete with natural treasures, and it is perfect for all kinds of hikers, cyclists, adventure seekers, and beach lovers.
  • This is a perfect place for wildlife photographers and contains a serene landscape full of the rarest wildlife creatures. More than 200 species of birds and animals live here. For instance, green marine turtles, marsh crocodiles, Bird houbara, species of fish, Mahasheer, Dolphins, and Urials.
  • Admire-able rock formations make this land paradise. Must see one unique and wonderful rock formation in the park, the “Princes of Hope.”


Third Destination; Urak Valley

Urak Valley it’s a place of Orchards. This is another mind-blowing and heart-taking piece for tourists in Baluchistan. It is far 22km from Quetta City. You’ll find yourself in the paradise of fruits, because this valley carries a different variety of fruits, for example, apple trees, peaches, grenade trees and so on.


What you can explore and find food for your soul

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  • This valley’s main distinctive feature is fresh springs of water that are falling from above the hills.
  • Another prominent and mesmerizing feature is ‘Hanna Lake.’ It’s very famous for picnic parties. It’s the most prominent tourist attraction place with natural beauty in Balochistan. I’ll suggest that you come to Urak Valley then don’t forget to visit this beautiful lake. You can examine the beauty of this lake in the photo below.

Wali Tangi Dam in urak valley


Fourth Destination; Hazarganji – Chiltan National Park

I named this the Mountain valley because it’s located in between the breathtaking giant dry mountains. It’s another fantastic place to visit in Balochistan that offering heart-taking natural beauty. It was established in the 1980s.

Hazarganji – Chiltan National Park

What you can explore here

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  • You can see the Chiltan goat and Suleiman markhor, which are very rare.
  • You can feel the sound of different birds and will find yourself in between them. Just feel the music and enjoy every moment.


Fifth Destination; Ziarat

Last but not least, whenever you try to visit Baluchistan, the first thing that hits the mind, we’ll visit Ziarat. The land of astonishing beauty and stark wilderness is rarely recognized in today’s mainstream tourist destination.

It is also known for the residency of Quaid – e – Azam (The Founder of Pakistan).

ziarat Balochistan

What kind of things you can explore here

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  • The Jinnah’s place, I mean to say national monument. A green building surrounded by a distinguished garden.
  • The Juniper Heaven; A natural spectacle waits for you that you will not be forgotten easily. It’s the second-largest Juniper Jungle in the world. You’ll find yourself in Juniper trees. One tree is the oldest tree on the planet. Local folks say that this tree is old, almost 5000 to 7000 years.
  • Landscape in Juniper Valley: It offers an excellent opportunity for adventures for trekking and hiking.
  • Wondrous Caves: I like to mention the incredible caves that exist in Ziarat. Don’t forget to visit these hidden caves in the mountains.


Final Thoughts

I visited this Balochistan province of Pakistan for the first time. I did not expect this kind of adventure. Every place of Baluchistan had different impressions, like Wow, excellent. This is one of the beautiful journeys that I’ll never forget. The places mentioned above are the most famous and most visited places for every tourist, whether you are a foreigner or a local tourist. The people of this place were very kind, especially with tourists. They always ready to help you without any concerns.

Thank you for being with me.

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