Best Things to do in Islamabad in 2021

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best things to do in Islamabad

In the middle of evergreen mountains, Islamabad city, one of the world’s beautiful capital. It’s among the most visited cities. That’s why I pack my bags and head to this beautiful city.

When I heard about this city from my co travelers’ friend, they admired many things related to this majestic city. You have to visit this place; you have to go to that place. After all of this admiration, many questions take place in my mind: I am going for the first time in this city? Obliviously if you are curious to read this one. Some questions will hit your mind as hit mine;

Should I have to visit this city?

If you are curious to see this evergreen mountain land, where you can stay easily and cheaply in Islamabad?

And next thing is How to get around Islamabad as a Solo Visitor?


These questions urged me to visit this city because without visiting, we did not get the answers.

So, keep calm before you get the answers. You have to bear with me, the reading of this article.

So, let’s get started; come with me.


First Destinations; Caves of Shah Allah Ditta

I reached Islamabad in the morning, so I decided to visit the ancient caves of Shah Allah Ditta. I heard a lot about these, that’s why I visit this first because I like to visit ancient and historical places. As I already mentioned in my previous article, to do things in Lahore.

Caves of Shah Allah Ditta

The caves are 700 years old. This place is located in the middle of Margalla Hills. The road is not so good for going here.

This place is known as the caves of Buddha or Shah Allah Ditta. The questions raised here, who was the Shah Allah Ditta, and the history of these caves?

I asked one local person this question; he replied that these caves used to worship Buddhist monks in ancient times. At the same time, Shah Allah Ditta was the ruler of this town. That’s why we called this place now “The Caves of Shah Allah Ditta.”


Get these things for making your visit memorable to this place:

  • There is one evergreen Garden, some caves in the middle of mountains, and one ea.
  • The big and high hanging roots of banyan trees keep these caves covered and make them horrible.
  • You will get some rest in the Garden, in the shadow of Mango Trees. You will please yourself with tea.
  • There is an ancient well that built by Sher Shah Suri. Go down in the well through the stairs and imagine yourself for a while you are in middle age.


Second Destination; Margalla Hills

It was 25 km away from our first destination (Shah Allah Ditta), so I have decided to make Margalla Hills my 2nd Destination. It’s a hill range that is part of the Himalayan foothills. Margalla Hills are famous due to their tracks. There are 6 tracks; track five and track 3 are well-known tracks among the folks.

Margalla Hills

So, folks, point to be noted here, track 3 is not easy; you have to be a fine climber for the completion of this track. Because this track is steep, and for newbies or burger people like me, it would be a hard nut to crack.

But, track 3 is packed with trekking sites with their lush green paths and natural beauty.

And if you don’t want to involve yourself in any trouble, you can take track 5 like I Choose. Track 5 was also loaded with lush greenery and beautiful—chirping sounds of birds and God-gifted natural beauty.


Things to watch and explore in Margalla Hills:

Get this:

  • I explore during my visit to Margalla Hills; there are around 200 to 300 species of plants.
  • Margalla Hills is home to wildlife species, such as exotic birds, monkeys.
  • If you are a bird’s lover and like to listen to birds’ chirping, sounds of birds, the music of birds in their language. This place is full of many birds, including sparrows, robins, kites, crows, hawks, falcons, eagles, Himalayan Griffon vulture, laggard falcon, paradise flycatcher, etc. …


When you finished your trial, the last thing about the Margalla Hills is don’t forget to please yourself with tea and delicious Pakora’s.


Third Destination; Pakistan Monument Museum

The next destination was mine, “Monument Museum.” The symmetry of this Museum is admired able. It was constructed to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani People. It is dedicated to those who sacrifice their “Today” for a better “Tomorrow.” This thing stands this Museum different among others, and that’s why this is a popular tourist destination.

Pakistan Monument Museum

Things to see in Monument:

So, get this:

  • Unique Design and Architecture of Monument.
  • Illustration of symmetry, you can see each of these petals narrate a story about Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Monument Museum, its grand Pakistan Monument, consists of the Pakistan Monument Museum, also known as Islamabad Museum. You can see the different paintings and statues of Pakistan’s historical figures.



Fourth Destination: Daman – e – Koh Viewpoint

I’ll say, there is no better view of Islamabad city than this. It’s one of the most well–known spots in this city. At Daman – e – Koh viewpoint, you’ll examine Islamabad’s greenery, which will be soothing your soul.

Daman – e – Koh

What I examine on Daman – e – Koh Viewpoint;

Get this;

  • It is 2400ft above sea level and 500ft above Islamabad city. It is a hilltop garden located between the Margalla Hills.
  • There are a lot of eating places where you can please yourself with continental food and yummy desi cuisine.
  • I’ll recommend you visit this place at night time and enjoy the night views of a green city.


Fifth Destination: Monal Restaurant

I was starving and very tired due to the whole day trip and decided to do good dining. When you think, having good dining in Islamabad, the only name that clicks to mind “The Monal.

Monal Restaurant

This restaurant serves local and international food. This restaurant is located at Pir Sohawa road. A top a mountain in the Margalla Hills.

Why I choose this restaurant for dining?

Get this;

  • First of all, the view; View of this restaurant is indescribable; it’s a panoramic view of the whole city, you can see the beauty of Faisal Mosque. You’ll never get bored from the view.
  • Then the restaurant’s food; I know the food is a little expensive, but you’ll not get this restaurant to tase in any other place in Islamabad.
  • The experience of this place was mesmerizing

Monal Restaurant


So, now time to answer my questions mentioned above;

Should I have to visit this city?

  • Okay, my answer is yes. The journey of this city would be worth it for both local and European tourists.
  • It’s not just the modern city, as well as it is the top country’s tourist attractions.
  • Islamabad’s western touch makes the city perfect and mesmerizing views for foreigners.
  • There are several things to do in Islamabad that you won’t experience anywhere in Pakistan.


Where can you stay quickly and cheaply in Islamabad?

  • If you want to live in this city for more than one day, this city is full of accommodations for both budget travelers, expensive and cheap.
  • You can easily walk into any hotel in Islamabad and find an empty place for you. Point to be noted here, not all accommodations are equal here; you can find expensive rooms loaded with every kind of comfort and cheaper rooms for spending a night.


How to get around Islamabad as a Solo visitor?

Two ways to get around in Islamabad;

  • The first one is Hiring a Private Driver; It’s the cheapest way to see the whole city for hiring a private driver for the whole day. The good thing is you can negotiate easily. It will cost around 20 to 30 USD.
  • The second way is getting a ride from Uber or Careem at fixed prices. That would be a little expensive but safe ride than hiring a private driver as you know the rate of both riding companies changes with the weather. If the weather is good a sunny day, then the rates will be cheap somehow, and if the weather is dusty or rainy, then the rates will remain so high.



Final Thoughts:

Islamabad is an excellent, mesmerizing, and wonderful tourist destination in Pakistan. There are several things to do in Islamabad, and for doing and seeing a lot of things in Islamabad, you should have to stay at least three days. Whereas many tourists pass through Islamabad for a short time, this guide for those who have just one day to visit Islamabad. Things are mentioned above that you can be done in one day.

Thank you for being with me.

Have a nice day!

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