Useful Tricks and Secrets for Solo Travelers

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Useful Tricks and Secrets for Solo Travelers

“You can’t keep a secret” that’s what my friends use to say to me all the time. I really don’t know the reason. Anyways, just leave it. I am going to reveal some secrets you might need to know if you are among solo travelers. Follow these tricks and I am sure you will not get any difficulty on your way.

Useful Tricks and Secrets for Solo Travelers

Portable battery charger

A portable charger can be a lifesaver for solo travelers. I am saying this because I personally experienced the issues in the areas where there were no power outlets. You never know when you will need to charge your camera, your phone or any other electronic device. If you carry a portable charger with you, you are ultimately carrying a lifeline because no matter where you go, you will get its help.

Why portable charger is important for solo travelers?

A solo traveler can not afford to leave the power bank behind because one of the important gadgets. We, travelers, need to connect with our friends and family, we need to capture memorable pictures and we need to see the guidelines all on our mobile phones. This is not possible if the battery is low or dead. So the best solution for this is to carry a good quality portable charger with you.

Take care of traveling documents

For solo travelers, it is important to do measures to ensure the protection of important documents. These documents are needed when you are asked for the Airport security check. You also need these documents when you enter the destination. So if these essentials are stolen or lost, you are not going to fulfill your plan.

How can you protect your documents?

Always lock your bags

When you are traveling alone, there are chances that your bag and other items can be stolen. So whenever you are going to take a nap or visiting the restroom. Always check the locks on your bags and suitcases. This will reduce the chances of robbery.

bag for solo travelerGet multiple prints and copies

This is the best and most effective way for solo travelers to protect their documents. All you need to do is to print some copies of your documents and spread them all across your luggage. Leave a pack of these copies with your family for extra security. This will help you if you lose your original documents by any chance in another country or in any unfamiliar place.

Do light and a little packing

If you want to get more traveling experience, then try to do less and simple packing. Light and little packing is the best and most efficient strategy for solo travelers.

Why light packing is necessary?

The main reason is that you are traveling alone. You can not afford to carry big bags and huge suitcases with you all the time. It will make your traveling experience miserable. Imagine yourself trying to do fun things while carrying heavy luggage at the airports, on city streets and during transportation. It is not fun.  Right?

Have a quick backup plan for cash or cards

For solo travelers, the credit card comes in handy on their tour. Whether you are tight on budget or not, you always do so many transactions during your journey. Totally relying on your credit cards is not a good option for solo travelers. I personally experienced issues at many places where a credit card was not acceptable. I was asked for cash. So that thing is problematic and miserable.

So my personal preference is having some cash in your pocket is helpful for you so you can get a good experience. Remember, always keeping the local currency with you will save you from rushing to ATM every time even when you need to buy small things.

card for solo travelersNever drink too much

It is always good for solo travelers to avoid any unforeseen danger. For solo travelers drinking and traveling go hand-in-hand. Drinking is considered to be the way to a party and for some relaxed environment. But it is also paired with risks and dangers.

Why travelers should avoid drinking?

If you face any health issue due to excessive drinking, it is not claimed by travel medical insurance companies. You can ruin your trip if you lose your credit cards and other documents because you were high on drink. You can get arrested in an unfamiliar country because if you are drunk, there are many chances that you get into a fight. This thing will make you vulnerable to violence and crime.


Do some homework beforehand

If you are planning to travel to an unfamiliar destination, you need to do some preparations. If you do some work on the knowledge of that destination, it will help you a lot as a solo traveler.

What should you know before traveling?

Native language

Knowing some basic phrases of the language of the country you are visiting is very helpful for you. You can learn some phrases that are commonly used in that country. This will reduce the chances of any language barrier and you can communicate easily with native people with this.

learning is imp for solo travelerCultural values

Do a little research on the culture and traditions of the native country. There are times when you encounter awkward situations because you do things that are not culturally acceptable in another country. You must respect the cultural ethics and values of others.

Check the reviews before booking any accommodation

Solo travelers always prefer to choose a hotel that is safe, welcoming and comfortable. Always choose a hotel that is close to the main restaurants, main attractions and transport hubs. always offers useful filtering options.

ratingsAlways check the guest reviews before booking any accommodation. If the average score of reviews is greater than 9, it’s great. Otherwise, an 8+ score is also good and reliable. The reviews help solo travelers to know if the environment of the hotel is clean and if the staff is friendly.

Keep in touch with friends and family

It is always secure for solo travelers to send the information back to their trusted friends and family. The information like where are you heading and what are your planned activities and spots etc. This is helpful if you get caught in a risky situation, your friends and family can be able to trace your location.

chattingFor me, the better way is to inform the hotel staff as well that you are going somewhere for a specific time period. If you don’t come back to the hotel after that time is passed, the hotel staff can get in touch with you when needed.

Don’t get nervous, Be confident

For solo travelers, confidence is everything. Do not let frustration, tiredness and self doubt creep in. Sometimes you might think that if are traveling alone, it can be unsafe, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. But all this thinking process can be devastating for your fun time.

confident girlTry to keep yourself calm and happy during the journey. This is very effective because you can actually get the vibes of your great journey if you are not nervous. So put all the shit and unwanted thoughts aside, boost your confidence level and enjoy your great time.

Learn to say “NO”

Solo travelers need to be very concerned about their safety and protection. If they make a friendly bond with every stranger and the unfamiliar person they meet. It can be very risky and dangerous for them. They should clearly say “No” to any offer if their instincts say that is alarming. Always believe in your instincts and do everything accordingly.

Sometimes thieves and robbers act friendly and apparently pretend to be your well wishers. Do not trust blindly anyone because it can cause your safety. So saying “No” to strangers and their doubtful offerings is ultimately saying “No” to unwanted dangers.

Final thoughts

Traveling always brings new experiences, new adventures and new memories into your life. Solo travelers always want to enjoy a unique and smooth journey to add some good moments to their travel diary. This is not possible if they encounter difficulties and hurdles during their trip. So to make your journey easier and more comfortable, I just shared some tricks to follow. These are easy yet helpful for you. So what are you waiting for? Leave all the worries and anxiety of traveling and start your journey. The world of adventures is waiting for you.



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