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Food Street Lahore

A Guide to Food Street Lahore: Lahore is one of the best and famous cities in Pakistan. This city is famous for its dynamic Sufi Shrines, its architecture, and most commonly for its delicious food. As we all know, Lahori food is famous around the world. No one can deny the reality and popularity of Lahori food. The city is replete with diverse types of dishes that one can hardly witness anywhere in the world.
Lahori food is an excellent synthesis of different cultures. Besides, Lahori people are born for food and like to live a lavish lifestyle; this is why we cannot ignore Lahori food.

If you are thinking of visiting Lahore, then it’s a significant thing. We need to know what type of food we can eat there. Wherever we would like to go, we plan things, and we write a chart about the pros and cons. We decide what will suit us and what will not, and then we start our journey after measuring the circumstances. If you want to know about the places in Lahore, then you can read my blog. I covered everything in my Backpacking Guide to Lahore.

A Visit to Food Street Lahore

OK, now, without wasting any more time. Let’s start talking about food street Lahore aka Lahori food. We should have to start with Breakfast recipes.

Breakfast Recipes

That will not wrong to say, Lahore is a World Class Heaven for Street food. I’ll suggest starting the street food tour from around 7 am to 8 am. On my street tour of Lahore, I did not eat everything, but I try to taste every special Breakfast dish. Below you can find the mouthwatering recipes that I eat.

First Breakfast – Halwa Puri

Location: Sadiq Halwa Puri Restaurant (Google Maps)
Cost Around: $5

halwa puri in Lahore
One of the best Halwa Puri I ever had in my life. A sizzling Halwa Puri with yellow dal bowl (it’s a curry of yellow lentils)
You will always get hot Halwa Puri at Sadiq’s Restaurant. The cooking techniques of chefs make each one so puffy and crispy. I finished my breakfast with a cup of Dudh Pati (milk tea). It’s a great choice anywhere in Pakistan.

Second Breakfast – Nihari

Location: Muhammadi Nihari (Google Maps)
Cost Around: $5
Well,  I am a big admirer of almost all the Lahori food dishes Lahore is famous for. But at the same time, i am going to dedicate this space to that brown heavy and thick spice’s gravy with a piece of tender meat resting plate- side: ladies and gentleman: the majestic Nihari!

Though Faislabad and Karachi offer a massive variety of  foods but Lahore attract food lovers from across the country

Fish, Nihari, Paaye, Hareesa, Kunna, gol gappay, Haleem Paaye, Channay, Chicken Karahi, BBQ… and the list goes on.
As I made my way to my second place, I got the answer that why nihari came to hold such an important place in the  hearts of Lahori people.

Muhammadi Nihari is one of the best and most popular places Nihari in Lahore. After I entered Muhammadi Nihari House, I asked the person who sat behind the counter.

Nihari Lahore

When this place of tastes established?
He said this business is easily old 50 years old.
I also asked how many branches you have in Lahore?
He told me, we have only two branches in Lahore; Allama Iqbal town and Mozang.

Without more delay, I ordered a Beef Nihari and especially the one with nalli (bone marrow) and also with fried brain – that is what every nihari fan would like to prefer. In a short time, they served my order with the necessary condiments – coriander leaves, thin slices of ginger, and sliced lemon.

The nihari looked perfect: the color was good brown, oily, thick, and a massive piece of OK–done beef. I added a juice of lemon to my nihari dish. Then I dipped a hot and fresh piece of  Khameeri roti (bread) in the gravey, soaked it and when i tasted it I felt, and I am in the air, I never felt this type of taste before. Extremely mind-blowing.
Whenever you want to visit Pakistan or Pakistan’s famous city Lahore. It would be best if you had to taste street food. Nihari as well. Cheers.

Morning is not Morning without Lahori Lassi.

Address: Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi Peray Wali (Google Maps)
Cost Around: $3
Pakistani People do not begin a day without Lassi. Lassi is a berry drink made with milk, yogurt, sugar, and ice. It is a conventional Lassi Recipe using the Ideal ratios. It also has a key ingredient, which gives it an extra creamy and refreshing feel.
I moved to the lassi store, which I said on the very top. I purchased one cup of Lassi. As usual, I had been inquisitive to know how he created this white wine (Lassi). At least inquired;

food street Lahore

I want to understand the recipe for the beautiful white wine?

The guy who sat there explained, watch, and analyze.
It’s a treat to observe the way he prepares his renowned Lassi. He’d put the necessary amount of yogurt at a shaker, toss in a few paras, a cream-enriched delicacy, and stir the yogurt harshly with his “Madani’, a wooden implement used for stirring the milk to attain butter.

He’d scatter the mix with water sometimes and then add a few pieces of ice, which he’d aggressively stir for 15 or 20 minutes. After he’s done, he’d pour the Lassi ceremoniously at a massive glass. The white butter floating in the top resembles a lotus in the waters of a pond.

There was an enormous cup of Lassi in my palms. That was sufficient for me. I was not able to drink that giant glass of Lassi. I had been over with this giant lassi glass.

That was purely Punjabi cultured flavor. I would also like to recommend this Lassi to each of the backpackers. Do visit Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi.

The Best Restaurants in Lahore

As your breakfast digest, now it is time to explore the beauty of Lahore. Then I decide to visit Lahore Fort after there I return to my food searching in Lahore there was a food street near the fort I moved my feet to Lahore Food Street.

Lahore food street is one of the best places in Lahore, where you can find many options for satisfying your cravings. Backpackers from every country of the world equally enjoy the foods till midnight, and the rush never seems to end.
I have a list of some famous Lahore food street restaurants, only for you to make things exciting.
Let’s have a look without any delay.

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant Lahore

As you know, Lahore is full of historical places or surprises. Haveli Restaurant is a theme-based restaurant that depicts the true colors of Punjab. I visited this restaurant that builds on the theme of Punjabi Culture.

This restaurant offers fantastic and outstanding views of the Famous Badshahi Mosque built by the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673. Badshahi Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world for over 300 years. The food of this restaurant is mind-blowing, the BBQ, mutton karahi, and mutton leg.

Coco’s Den

Coco's Den Lahore

Another attractive and delightful dinner place to be enjoyed with friends and family. It was an old manor house converted into a restaurant.

This restaurant also has a museum inside. You can visit that after dinner and feel the historic environment of the place. The manager of this restaurant offered me to taste some dishes. I can’t regret the offer of him. Some of the dishes were outstanding. You can say that some dishes touch Punjab’s culture with lots of flavors, Achari Chicken and Chicken Karahi included.

Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz Restaurant Lahore

Suppose you are looking for authentic Pakistani cuisine in this historic city. Andaaz Restaurant is a popular place for Backpackers and foodies. Suppose you want some real taste of delicious local cuisine.

I will suggest to you must visit this restaurant. Try their meat specialist recipes and their Zeera Podina Pani, which makes your meal perfect.

Shahi Baithak

Shahi Baithak Lahore

Shahi Baithak Restaurant was established on the theme of ancient Mughals Emperors. When I entered this restaurant, I can’t stop myself without saying WOW! If you want to enjoy Lahori food’s signature like Tawa Chicken, a glass of White Wine (LASSI in Local Language), and Phajjay kay Paye, Shahi Baithak is best. Enjoy a hearty meal in Shahi Baithak asking.

Night Food Time for Lahori Fish Fry

Location: Siddique Fish Corner (Google Maps)
Cost Around: $5
My Food night had just begun. At 7 pm, I was driven through Mall street, which is back to back with amazing universities and colleges, like the National College of Arts, Punjab University, Atchinson, Government College — Lahore is a learning seat well-established educational institutions.

After getting some more drive, I found myself at the Siddique Fish Corner.
The fried fish in Siddique’s is extraordinary. How they cook might have you believe there is even wasabi or radish from the batter, but it’s entirely in the mustard oil that they use to deep fry the fish instead.

food street Lahore

The dipping sauce, though, makes the meal; they are perfecting a sauce here, which is… Incredible. Drinkable. Amazing.
It’s made mostly of apricot, and possibly some sour tamarind also. Additionally, there are chilies, seeds of coriander, and possibly a squeeze of lemon juice.

No filter either; when I state the dipping sauce is made, you will tip back the dishes and drink whatever small bit that’s left behind.
Although there’s a bit too much salt in the fish batter for my taste, every bite is so good I believe I am just as hungry as I was when I started eating. The meal is surprisingly mild, the fish meat almost airy, a great first dinner on your day here in Lahore.

In the end…

I hope you liked these tips for a fantastic and unforgettable day of searching for the best Lahore Street Food.
The entire trip in Pakistan can be genuinely a humbling experience, and I urge you to find out for yourself just how wonderful a place it is.

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